Academic Year


Academic Year 2022 - 2023

Focus on The Right to Environment and Sustainability
  • I Part: Sources of European Green Law

– International and European principles on the protection of environment and sustainability

– European Green Law: analysis of EU acts and policies. The new strategy of the European Green Deal and the 8th Environmental Action Programme and National Measures

–  Ethical Issues of Green Law

  • II Part: Subjects of Green Law and regulatory tools

– Climate Change

– Clean and renewable energies

– Sustainable food and agricultural innovation

  • III Part: The Right to Environment and Sustainability

– Clean Water and biodiversity

– Clean Energy and renewable resources

– The right to Environment through the professionalizing of consumers : the Energetic communities

– Clean air and gas emissions. Technological innovations for the environment: case study on Automated Smart mobility and Green Mobility

Tutorials and exercises concerning analysis and issues on Green Law and Green Rights.